Righting Retreat

by Jun 30, 20170 comments

Yes, it was a writing retreat. No, I did not misspell the word in the title of this post.

Last week I was immersed in a five-day writing experience with others here on Dancing TreePeople Farm. We met at the beginning of each day to set our intentions, in the middle of the day for an accountability break, and at the end of the day to share what had happened in regard to our writing. Though the temperature rose to triple digit figures most days, I was content and happy with the gift of time I had given myself. Plus we had some very enjoyable meals!

I did some writing. Mostly I sorted through the ideas and materials I had and tried to decide what I wanted my next book to be, now that ABC’s of Grief: Reclaiming Life after Loss was published and touching lives. But the most valuable part of the five days was the awareness that my creative juices really flow when I clear my schedule and focus on being in the moment. This is not always simple given my commitments to Hospice Services of Lake County, Lake County Organics, Hunger Task Force, and Dancing TreePeople Farm, but once again I realized that balance is essential for my well-being and creativity.

Back in the early 1980’s while I was a Sister of the Blessed Sacrament missioned at St. Francis de Sales Convent in Powhatan, VA, this was the sight that often called me to stand still and be in awe of what happens when all the pieces come together balancing and supporting each other. I would look up in wonder and then I would turn around and look out in wonder at the James River and the amazing surrounding countryside.

So my writing retreat was also an opportunity to do some “righting” of my priorities. Maybe that was the main purpose of those precious five days – my righting retreat!

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